In honour of Father’s Day this Sunday 17th June, we’ve compiled a list of films with a strong “Dad” theme.

So, in no particular order, this is our top 10.


1. Father of the Bride

In this classic comedy, George Banks – played by Spencer Tracy in the original movie, and by Steve Martin in the 1991 remake – is the father of Annie, who returns from a trip to Europe with the surprising announcement that she intends to marry. George is reticent to accept that his little girl is now a woman, but goes along with the elaborate wedding preparations nonetheless. Finally he is able to handle the fact that his daughter is grown up.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness

A 2006 biographical film about a struggling salesman and single father who, on the brink of destitution, strives to secure a job and become the father that his young son needs. The character leads are played by real-life father and son, Will and Jaden Smith.

3. Three Men and a Baby

In this 1987 comedy, three bachelors are forced to take care of a baby left with them by one of their girlfriends. From changing the baby girl’s nappies to protecting her from drug dealers hot on their trail, the guys attempt to adapt their lives to their new-found “fatherhood”.

4. Finding Nemo

This 2003 computer-animated film follows the story of over-protective father Marlin, a clownfish, who searches to find his son, Nemo, who is taken from their home in the Great Barrier Reef. Marlin’s journey is fraught with danger and he overcomes many obstacles before finally finding and reuniting with his son to provide a heartwarming conclusion to the tale.

5. Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

In the second of the original series of films, Darth Vader becomes obsessed with finding his young enemy Luke Skywalker. When the two finally come face to face in a light sabre battle, a horrified Luke finally discovers that his greatest foe is really his father.

6. Paper Moon

This 1973 movie stars real-life father and child, Ryan and Tatum O’Neal as on-screen father and daughter, Moses and Addie. Despite some speculation on Moses’ part that he truly is Addie’s father, the pair bond as they travel across the US during the Great Depression, in a series of con tricks that prey on the vulnerable.

7. The Road to Perdition

This 2002 crime drama explores the relationship between a mob hitman and his son. Michael Sullivan Jr one day witnesses what his father does for a living, straining their bonds of loyalty. In shielding his background from his son, Sullivan Sr’s attempts to preserve their father-son relationship actually prove harmful and as the pair struggle to get to know each other, ultimately, tragedy brings them together.

8. Mrs Doubtfire

This 1993 movie follows the antics of a voice actor who disguises himself as a Scottish nanny so that he can spend time with his children, after his bitter divorce has restricted his access to them. Robin Williams’ portrayal of a loving father who wants nothing more than to be with his children is a comedy classic.

9. The Lion King

Mufasa, the king of the lions, is trying to teach his young cub, Simba, the secrets to being a good leader in this 1994 animated Disney blockbuster. Set in Africa, the film is a classic tale of the lasting bond between a father and son.

10. Ransom

After his son is kidnapped, multi-millionaire Tom Mullen, played by Mel Gibson, tries to negotiate to ensure his son returns home safely. This 1996 film cuts to the core when Gibson yells down the phone, “Give me back my son!”


What films would you add to the list? Can you help us out with any more?


Photo purchased from: © Can Stock Photo