Today we’re officially launching our new range of Corlan cases.  The cases have been commissioned and designed specifically to fit the range of Samsung Galaxy tablets and greatly enhance the in-flight and on-board passenger entertainment experience for Mezzo’s airline and other travel operator clients.

Thanks to our Gold Partner membership of the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP), we have been able to work closely with Samsung to develop the range of cases and the Samsung Enterprise Research Institute (SERI) in the UK provided collaborative assistance in the initial development stages.

Corlan casesThe patent-pending cases are manufactured exclusively for us by Iota Sigma, a company in Newport, Wales.  In a nod to both their Welsh heritage and their function, the cases have been named “Corlan” as it is the Welsh word for “fold”.

Samsung tablets are ideal for deployment with passengers, either unconnected or in Wi-Fi networked areas, and when combined with the new Mezzo Corlan case, those passengers get an even better entertainment, shopping, advertising or interactive experience.

The external Corlan case acts as a screen cover to protect against scratching during transport and has been approved by Hollywood studios’ security teams for its ability to withstand abuse, and in particular hacking or interference with the software and content.

With three SD cards mounted in a caddy and integrated into the case, the limited memory capacity issue that faces consumer off the shelf tablets is negated.  The SD memory cards are quick and easy to remove for upgrading, changing the content or for downloading captured data.

The cases have an integral stand that gives the user two options: a fully variable viewing angle; and a rigid position, suitable for easy typing and data entry or game play.

If you’d like to find out more about Mezzo’s in-flight entertainment services, please contact Dave Sampson or Leon Head in the UK office, or Sam Cleary in our Australia office.