Mezzo is excited to announce the launch of Aroma-Vision 4D technology for use with onboard entertainment tablets on flights, ferries and cruise ships.

This new, imaginative technology works by passengers plugging in a mask that is connected to the tablet using the auxiliary jack on the machine. This is the first time that this technology has been used for onboard entertainment.

Advantages of this system are that it will immerse the viewer into the programme or film they are watching.

Presently, viewers can see and hear the film, but imagine watching Slumdog Millionaire and being able to smell the slums areas of Mumbai, or how much would you enjoy the cooking smells on MasterChef?

Other examples include being able to:

– Revel in the sewer scene in Shawshank Redemption.

– Immerse your senses whilst enjoying murder scenes on detective programmes.

Laugh whilst watching the children experience the scents of their favourite cartoons.

Features of this system will be trialled with a number of Mezzo clients, on journeys from 1st April 2012.

Onboard entertainment is enjoying rapid growth thanks to the development of tablet technology.  The portability and sheer choice that can be offered inflight and onboard is far superior to the options from even just a few years ago.

Originally, aroma-vision technology was trialled on a scratch and sniff card basis where viewers were told when to scratch the card.  However, this new technology, developed exclusively by Mezzo, truly takes the passenger experience into the 21st Century.

Leading entertainment expert, Dave Sampson, CEO of Mezzo says, “We are incredibly excited to be able to bring the Aroma-Vision 4D system to our travel operators clients for their passengers. This system sets the standard and I am delighted that Mezzo as usual is the market leader in new technology. In offering this to our clients, we show that there is no need for the journey to be a bind.  We ask all airlines to wake up and smell the coffee.”