I think the Samsung 10″ tablet will be the first to seriously threaten Apple’s iPad dominance.

With the continuing challenge to get the best content for the iPad for deployment in IFE, and the imminent arrival of lighter, thinner and more powerful tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 running the increasingly popular Google Android OS, it seems that the days of the iPad dominance is about to fade.   In the UK market, its taken three years for the iPhone to fall from grace and now 5 out the top 6 phones run android and the other one is a blackberry.

“Content is King” and the inability to get the iPad approved for early window content and iTunes supplier license agreement that locks out all iTunes content for IFE, means that those who want to give their passengers the very best experience should seek alternatives.  If you dont want to wait for the 10.1 but can settle for a more traditional size screen for IFE personal TVs, Mezzo has already customised the Dell Streak 5″ and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and have gained approval for their security solution to show early window content.